Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gluten Free Lasagna - finally!

To be honest, when I ate gluten, I rarely ate lasagna out and I'd never made it at home. But when you're told you can't have something, you want it all the more, of course. So shortly after I was diagnosed with Celiac, I started making homemade lasagna with gluten free noodles. The recipe I use came from a friend in my Gluten Free Dinner Club and it's about the best lasagna I've ever had - even if you use sauce from a jar. I never pretended to be a gourmet chef, after all. Even though I absolutely LOVE my lasagna, I still wanted someone else to make the dish for me - at least once. As I always say - you have to ask for what you want in life, so that's exactly what I did.

Our Whole Foods Market had a free wine tasting in September and the cooking demo was to be presented by a local restaurant that has an awesome gluten free menu. Sugo has the best Italian food in the Atlanta area. It's a small family owned company with three locations in the Atlanta suburbs. Actually their menu is quite unique because they blend both Italian and Greek recipes from the old country and when you dine there, you think you're in the old country - it's that fabulous! During a lull in the food demo at Whole Foods, I introduced myself to the Chef who is the son of the owner. I only knew his Father and was frankly expecting the Father to be doing the demo. To my delight, Fred the son, is as charming as the Father, so when I asked if he'd make our dinner club some gluten free lasagna, he agreed to. I just had to tell him what noodles to buy - done.

Well, it's been three months since I asked for gluten free lasagna and now the night of bliss is almost here. Tomorrow night we will have 50 dinner club members dining at the Duluth Sugo location. Sugo also prepares gluten free / dairy free dishes for people with both intolerance's, but 22 of us will have the lasagna. This will be the largest gathering for our members ever and we are super excited to kick off the year with such a bang! Can you imagine? Gluten free lasagna in a restaurant in Atlanta, GA? The next closest place this is possible (in the US) is New York City!

I'll be sure and post back after our event how everything went but I'll tell you this now. Since I've already enjoyed fabulous gourmet gluten free meals many times at this establishment, I can highly recommend Sugo to anyone who loves authentic Italian cuisine, with a little Greek thrown in for luck! This is true whether you eat gluten or not, by the way. It's bellisimo!

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